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August 14, 2021 - 11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
FailSafe-ERA Annual Center of Hope Fundraiser and Scholarship Gala: 
Brunch with a Purpose at the Fredericksburg Expo and Conference Center 

A very special thank you to Bryant Cox, BC Photography, for the great memories that we will enjoy for years to come.  Excellent photographer!   


Our presenters were phenomenal.  First of all I want to thank Barbara Gustavson for her amazing presentation on brain health vs. mental health and for being transparent.  What a gift to many and our community!


Secondly, thank you Jamie Milloy, FailSafe-ERA Reentry Director for helping our audience better understand criminogenic risk factors.  She is truly a blessing to our community, to FailSafe, and to the returning citizens!!! She has helped many overcome their life-altering challenges!  She gives them hope!


Rev (Delegate) Joshua Cole wears many hats and he wears them all very well!  The Reverend Joshua Cole spoke a mighty Word over FailSafe-ERA and our community will reap the benefits!  Thank you sir!!


Gaye Adegbalola put the icing on the cake.  Every song touched not only my heart but the heart of many.  She is awesomely special!


Please enjoy the pictures and video!  To view photos of our Brunch with a Purpose, click here.


Musical Performer Gaye Adegbalola, a

 Blues Music Award winner, is best known musically as a founding member of Saffire – The Uppity Blues Women (1984 – 2009). The group recorded exclusively with Alligator Records. Additionally, she has 6 recordings on her own label, Hot Toddy Music (Todd is her family name).

BC Photography

Photography services generously donated by BC Photography

August 14, 2021
Saturday 6:30 P.M.

Reception/Awards Ceremony (location to be announced).

Click on a photo below to start the show!

FailSafe-ERA Center of Hope is not possible without your support.  Thank you for attending and contributing to our cause. 
A Special Thank You to Our Gala Donors and Sponsors
Fredericksburg Family Dentistry

Fredericksburg Family Dentistry

Art and Trudi Whittaker



BC Photography

BC Photography
August 15, 2021
Sunday 4 P.M – Undetermined

Take down.

Diamond Sponsor
Germanna Community college
Silver Sponsor

American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA)

Tracy and Liz Wright

Leslie Rena Best, Best Way LLC

Miko Latasha Vail, Queen’s Elite Travel

Vicki Gyden

Lori Gregory

Bronze Sponsor
Restored Through Faith
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