FailSafe-Era Center of Hope

The FailSafe-Era Center of Hope will assist in removing the barriers that prevent individuals affected by incarceration from becoming successful, productive citizens.  It will be the only facility in Planning District 16 and rural parts of Northern and Central Virginia, to include Prince William County that offers an all-inclusive approach of spiritual and natural growth and development to produce self-sufficient citizens in our local communities. 


Individuals with criminal records not only have difficulty finding employment, but when they do, they oftentimes experience reduced wages, face difficult housing issues, deal with behavioral challenges within their families, and may have difficulty adapting to their new surroundings and communities.  The FailSafe-Era Center of Hope will dedicate itself to reducing recidivism by helping to remove those negative social and economic stereotypes that are associated with inmates. The Center of Hope will help break the barriers that prevent these new citizens a carefully guided pathway to become successful, productive citizens. 


Our vision is to become the preferred provider of meaningful solutions to recidivism, as well as family support to those returning to society.  FailSafe’s unique and personalized services consistently promote family bonding, core values, rehabilitation, growth and opportunities, as well ways to shape and enhance positive relationships, enable learning, continuous personal improvement, and resiliency.


We are dedicated to building long-term relationships with those clients, as well as community leaders and partners through quality customer support and services as well as community involvement and commitment. 


Our objective is to secure sufficient operational funding to create a unique, personal, warm and welcoming environment within the Center of Hope, that provides male and female transitional housing, local transportation to assist our returning citizens (formerly incarcerated) in meeting their community obligations, transportation for family members to visit loved-ones in Virginia facilities, coaching and counseling services, training, employment and educational opportunities.  

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