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We empower and restore hope to inmates, returning citizens (formerly incarcerated), and family members using the cognitive-behavioral model approach for youth and adults; mental health wellness (mentoring, counseling, and coaching), resources, and tools to overcome life-altering challenges and decisions.  We guide the inmate and returning citizen as they move from dependent, often unstable environments and relationships into independent, self-sufficient lifestyles; providing both short-term relief, and long-term personal and professional development and empowerment.  Incarcerated inmates have the option to participate in our resiliency training through the Rappahannock Regional Jail Chaplain Ready, Set, Release program; and returning citizens have the option to participate in our Right Road Job Training and Placement Program


Right Road Job Training and Placement Program (RRJTPP)

The Right Road Job Training and Placement Program (RRJTPP) is a is a cognitive-behavioral, skills-building program which challenges inmates and returning citizens (formerly incarcerated) to change their beliefs and behaviors.  Through structured group discussions, the participants are challenged to examine how their behavior choices have been caused by their emotions, thoughts and beliefs.  It is accomplished utilizing a 32-hour Transformed and Empowered Life Skills training curriculum that focuses on cognitive awareness, self-control, problem solving, and interpersonal skills development.  Following the classroom training, the returning citizen will have the opportunity to participate in job training and our “Best You” structured mentoring program that is designed to positively affect the social and behavioral outcomes of the returning citizen. 


Transformed and Empowered Life Skills Training Curriculum

This training challenges returning citizens to change their beliefs and behaviors. 

  • Increasing Resiliency

  • Reducing anti-social attitudes, behavior, and personality patterns

  • Better decision-making and improved social skills

  • Overcoming adverse childhood experiences

  • Understanding control mechanisms

  • Defining basic core life values and sense of purpose

  • Effective communications to sustain healthy relationships and job successes

  • Self-care


To reduce employee risks, we assist the returning citizen with obtaining a bonding letter that offers the returning citizen a full- or part-time job business insurance for their first six months of employment, including temporary agencies completely free for the returning citizen and employer.


Ready-Set-Release:  Building Personal Resiliency Training

This program is offered to inmates at the Rappahannock Regional Jail.  It is an opportunity for participants to gain knowledge, skills, and abilities to succeed and thrive in the community and workplace.

  • Breaking the Cycle:  Building resilience

  • Breaking the Cycle:  Introduction to emotional intelligence

  • Breaking the Cycle:  Goal setting

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