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2nd Annual FailSafe-ERA Holiday Shoppe

We had a great and successful Holiday Shoppe where we were able to provide Christmas gifts to over 50 children and 15 families. Our recipients were experiencing great pain resulting from the incarceration of their loved ones during this Christmas season and even death, just this morning.

Thank you to the following persons and organizations for your great leadership and support:

- Charissa McCall, FailSafe-ERA Caring Connections Program Manager for oversight from beginning to end

- Marine Corps Toys for Tots

- Pastor Earl Richardson and members of New Restoration Outreach Christian Center for hosting the Holiday Shoppe, set up, and packing the vehicles

- Singleton Enterprises for donating bags of gifts for teens

- Glenda Knight for donating books to the families

- Roy Branklin and Antoine Carey for the heavy lifting and members of the FailSafe team for organizing and packing bags and vehicles

- Pastor Phyllis Brantley, FailSafe-ERA Ministry Director, and her team for delivering the food baskets

Truly a team effort!!!


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