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Message from FailSafe-Era President Juanita Shanks

The family structure and our communities are crippled and incarceration is a major contribution that affects all races, ages, sex, and backgrounds -- the United States of America is the leader in the world of incarceration.  There is not one person untouched by incarceration and family and community support are key.

Some of the major contributions to mass incarceration that are taking a great toll on our families are mental illness, substance abuse, and children following in their parents footsteps promoting a higher risk of juvenile delinquencies - our future.  

We will never end mass incarceration unless we support them pre- and post-release.  Each year, thousands of inmates are released from state and federal institutions and return to our communities broken, mentally challenged, and looking for hope.

We are committed to partnering with members of the community to ensure they are rehabilitated and that they have opportunities to excel.   Our team has embraced the vision to:

  • reduce the rate of incarceration;

  • help returning citizens become resilient, once released, and to ensure they are offered opportunities to excel and become productive citizens;

  • help families affected by the decisions of their incarcerated family members; and,

  • rebuild our communities affected by incarceration.

Our blueprint for reentry is our 3 Tracks to Success Program:  education, rehabilitation, and align.  Our model is designed to provide balance using an integrative approach of natural growth and spirituality, promoting higher education, independent living, wellness, and accountability.  To date, we have: 

  • developed and executing our educational enhancement scholarship program for the returning citizen and family member affected by incarceration;

  • established and executing our biannual Toastmasters “Speechcraft” for Returning Citizens Program;

  • launched a monthly support group for families affected by incarceration to receive support and encouragement in a safe environment, free from shame, to share the myriad of emotions associated with having an incarcerated loved-one;   

  • published our first spiritual guide:  Building Your Spiritual House: Pathway to the Next Level;

  • developed a community resource guide of much needed information for the returning citizen and their family member; and,

  • established community partnerships to meet the needs of returning citizens and family members

We realize that sometimes we have to go through the storms of life before we realize our purpose or to whom or what group of people we are assigned. People are strategically placed in our lives to stretch us and to help shape our character so that we can become the person we were created to be. How we respond when we realize our purpose or receive our life assignment determines the consequence(s) of disobedience or the pouring out of blessings.   Our team accepts our assignment to help those affected by incarceration with the ultimate goal of living in safer and healthier communities with stronger family ties.


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