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Prison Ministry Update January 2021

2020 has been labeled the year of the pandemic and hardship for most Americans and the world. Almost every conversation shared with returning citizens and family members of the incarcerated reemphasized the many heartaches and hardships accentuated with the loss of employment or lack thereof.

The Failsafe Ministry mission to bring a holistic approach to our clients was amplified this year as we sought to meet spiritual needs, specifically for food and small items for children.

The Ministry was able to provide a total of 189 meals and assisted with substantial holiday meals.

That’s about 15.75 meals per month spending over $4,000 in 2020.

High praise and thank you to our partners and personal donors that continue to remain faithful and committed to the cause of caring for our brothers and sisters and families that are incarcerated. There are still many needs. Please consider becoming a partner or monthly donor to the Failsafe Ministry.

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