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The Anchor - End of Year Newsletter

Wow, what a year!!! 2020 will definitely go down in history. COVID-19 has impacted our community in many ways. Of immediate concern to us was the early release of inmates from prison and jail with no home plan, no place to go.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! With your support, FailSafe-ERA has increased its contribution to our community and is demonstrating its positive effect on both those returning citizens and the families affected by their actions. Our team is dedicated to ensuring their success and increased public safety; and of the work still ahead to meet our goals of reentry success and prevention.

In 2021, we will continue to work toward our goals, and have even more successful outcomes for those we serve!

Best Wishes,

Bobby Anderson, Chair, Board of Directors

Juanita Shanks, CEO and President, FailSafe ERA


2020 Accomplishments

Community Reentry – The first 90 days are critical!!!

We welcomed our new Reentry Director, Ms. Jamie Milloy. Jamie joined our team and streamlined our reentry process. She immediately put in place critical case management strategies. Because of her team’s efforts, returning citizens that were released early due to COVID-19 received critical case management, resources, and access to housing. Her team worked diligently to ensure that every returning citizen that reached out to us for critical support and care received it, to include hotel stays, food, and clothing. Of the 75 calls, emails, and referrals received we were able to connect with 35 to ensure service plans were created to receive service and assistance; and in some cases closed due to various reasons to include reincarceration – the first 90 days are critical!!!

In partnership with New Restoration Outreach Christian Center, we received 40 personal hygiene kits for our returning citizens to begin their transition. For many inmates leaving jail/prison, living with a family member is not a viable option, therefore, leaving them without personal hygiene items to begin their transition. Many are often sleeping from couch to couch, living in shelters, or on the street. Without an address, they are less likely to find work. Providing them personal hygiene items and sets of fresh clothing increases their opportunity for employment and increases their self-esteem.

Jamie will be launching the Courage to Change series created by the Change Companies in January. This program is an evidence-based group coaching program that addresses individual criminogenic risk and needs. The first lesson, Responsible Thinking, is a virtual group scheduled to begin on January 7, 2021, and run for 5 consecutive weeks, each Thursday from 6:30p - 8:00p.


FailSafe-ERA Ministry

Pastor Phyllis Brantley, FailSafe-ERA Ministry Director launched the Council of Churches, whose primary purpose is to offer support, community service opportunities, and recommendations of the spiritual nature to Failsafe Ministry for returning citizens and their family members. Members of the Council are Pastors and Leaders in the local church community who share passion for the incarcerated and returning citizens.

The Failsafe Ministry has been blessed to provide food service on a monthly basis to families of the incarcerated and returning citizens. Because of the bountiful contributions of our partners, sponsors and private donors we were able to provide 189 food baskets, totaling over $4500. Our hearts overflow with appreciation for the continuous, generous support we receive from Grace Point Fellowship Church, St. Jude Catholic Church, Grace United Church, Failsafe-ERA team members, and our private donors.



Annual Holiday Shoppe

Thank you Charissa McCall, FailSafe-ERA Caring Connections Program Manager, for her tireless efforts coordinating our 2nd Annual Holiday Shoppe for families impacted by incarceration at the New Restoration Outreach Christian Center (NROCC) located at 201 Kings Highway, in Fredericksburg. We served 16 families and 49 children with Christmas gifts and food baskets. We could not have done this without the support of our community. A special thank you to the following individuals and organizations:

  • Pastor Earl Richardson and the NROCC members for hosting our event

  • Marine Corps Toys-for Tots

  • Singleton Enterprises for donating teen gift sets

  • Glenda Knight for donating books for the children

Roy Branklin and Antoine Carey for the heavy lifting of the multitude of toys


What’s New

Transformation Thursday Series

Every Thursday for the next few months, we will be highlighting people who partnered with FailSafe-ERA to transform their lives. Our hope for the Transformation series is to share the stories of people who have experienced the FailSafe-ERA purpose, which it to foster positive change in the lives of those affected by incarceration. We invite you to follow along. Our first series is about our first-year scholarship recipient, Mr. Roy Branklin, who has been working in the field of addictions and mental health for the past 10 years. After being released from the Department of Corrections in 2008, with only a high school diploma Roy embarked on a journey that has forever changed his life and has given purpose to his past.

He now has an Associate’s Degree in Psychology, Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services, and Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling. He owns his own high-profile security service, income tax services, and mentoring service for men impacted by incarceration to change their negative beliefs and realize their value and that it is never too late! He was 45 when he started, no excuses and no limit mentoring! Roy now works alongside FailSafe-ERA to help others who were like him.

Subscribe to Our YouTube Channel to view our Stories, click here.


Criminal Justice Reform Taskforce

FailSafe-ERA organized the Planning District 16 Criminal Justice Reform Taskforce where the leaders in our community are teaming up with us to develop a model for criminal justice reform in Planning District 16, with a focus on trading criminal intent and behaviors for social and economic success. This model focuses on four major areas: housing, prevention and education, mental health and substance misuse, and employment. Returning citizens face multiple challenges and hardships, especially if they do not have a proper and supportive transition back into the community. They often relapse into prior behaviors, which is harmful to the community and an expense for taxpayers.

District 21 Probation and Parole Chief, Ed Simmons, shares that current reform legislation will have a great impact on our community. He says ‘we will feel the effects and must act with a sense of urgency to bring community partners to the table.’ This is exactly what we have done with the taskforce. Our Community leaders are being proactive!


Second Chances Promote Reentry Success

(There is still time to give in 2020)

Justice-involved individuals succeed when somebody shows they care. Stable housing, employment, and basic resources are necessary to begin the process of creating a life post-incarceration to ensure they remain crime-free and positive contributors to society.

We are raising money to ensure they can rejoin society in a productive manner. Every donation makes an impact. Your donation supports our training efforts, housing, and resources. They are home and want to be successful. You have the power to reshape lives! There are several ways to give:

Send a check payable to


4701 Market Street, Suite H., Fredericksburg, VA 22408

Make your contribution through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) #77616 or Rappahannock United Way Local Government Campaign (LGC) #7028.

Donate when you shop through AmazonSmile and make FailSafe-ERA your charitable organization.

DONATE NOW Text (540) 291-7209


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