Right Road Job Training and Placement Program (RRJTPP)

Second Chance Employment Program

The Right Road Job Training and Placement Program is a partnership/joint effort between ATSSA and FailSafe-ERA.  It is cognitive-behavioral, skills-building program which challenges transitioning inmates and returning citizens to change their beliefs and behaviors.  The program is accomplished utilizing a 40 hour curriculum that focuses on cognitive awareness, self-control, problem solving, and interpersonal skills development.


This program is an opportunity for participants to gain knowledge, skills, and abilities to succeed and thrive in the community and workplace.

Photo Left: Juanita Shanks, CEO of Failsafe-Era  and Donna Clack, the Vice President of ATSSA-American Traffic Safety Services Association  launched a partnership to help qualified returning citizens receive the training and job resources they need to put them on a path to success in temporary traffic control.

Group Session Content

  • Job Success

  • Time Management

  • Setting Goals

  • Workplace Etiquette

  • Common Workplace Communication

  • Listening Skills

  • Coping with Stress and Anger

  • Resolving Workplace Conflict


  • FailSafe-ERA Team will identify, screen, and assess potential candidates

  • If eligible, applicant is interviewed by panel members consisting of FailSafe-ERA team, ATSSA member, local jail official, and member of the community

  • Applicant signs agreement.  Failure to comply with the contents of the agreement will result in student’s immediate termination from the program

  • Applicants are enrolled in 40 hour training program and assigned a professional and personal development coach for 1 year

  • Applicants complete ATSSA Flagger training and placed in an ATSSA member company

  • Cost per student is $1,200

Thanks to Doug Taylor, Tony Roman, Michael Monroe, and Mary Scott for their great work this week ensuring the pilot Right Road Job Training and Placement program was a success!!! You guys are awesome!!!


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