Strategies to Build Resilience (STROBRE)



Delinquency cases are rising in our juvenile courts and youth offenders are increasing.  Third graders are in gangs and fifth graders are threatening harm to other children.  Though they are children they are making adult decisions that is requiring the same level of attention as an adult criminal case. 


According to the Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice:

  • In FY 2021, 49.5% of juvenile intake cases were white, 40.7% were black, 63.9% wee non-Hispanic, 10.9% were Hispanic, 22.2% had unknown ethnicity information.

  • 67% were males and 33% were female

  • The average age in 2021 of juvenile intake cases were 15.9 years and over half the cases in 2019 were 16-17 years of age

  • The average age of probationers in 2021 was 16.3 years and 16-17 in 2019

  • Felonies against persons ranked the highest at 64.6% followed by drug charges

  • 59.5% of juvenile intake cases resulted in detention

  • Detention vs. Diversion.


FailSafe believes that prevention is the way to decrease the ever-increasing numbers of young women and girls entering the criminal justice system.  Young men involved in the criminal justice system typically struggle from past instances of trauma, drug use and abuse, physical and mental health struggles, and lack of education and job skills.


STROBRE is designed to promote positive behaviors, confidence, and mindsets that resists criminal activities and thoughts, to include gang intervention.  Participants learn practical tips and exercises to help them overcome obstacles and recover from life-altering decisions.  Through structured group discussions, they are challenged to examine how their behavior and choices have been caused by their emotions, thoughts, and beliefs. They not only explore the problems resulting in bad behavior but will also learn the tools and skills to make meaningful, lasting change in their lives.  In addition to the youth intervention curriculum there will be planned group activities, field trips, and community service activities. 


STROBRE’s Program Objectives:

  • Develop future leaders who learn to embrace education and career pursuits

  • Increase Emotional Intelligence and strengthen Interpersonal communications

  • Cultivate positive attitude and promote positive social media

  • Increase financial literacy


Our goal/theme for 2022 is for the young men to improve their resiliency and enhance their quality of life to overcome life-altering challenges and decisions.

  • We will empower them to use their voice, positively, in their decision-making processes.

  • We will strengthen their desire to seek higher education opportunities through goal setting.

  • We will increase their thirst for knowledge to increase their learning capability and growth process

  • We will provide evidence and strength-based life skills to effect positive change and continuous quality improvement strategies, and social skills to improve communications and connectedness to build healthy relationships.

  • Through group coaching and mentoring they will learn critical thinking skills and new ways of presenting themselves to their peers and others.