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Toastmasters for Returning Citizens Speechcraft is a leadership and communications program to provide students the opportunity to learn how to effectively express their thoughts and ideas and work in leadership roles.  They will learn public speaking and leadership skills.   Through participation, individuals will learn skills to become more confident, a better team player, and how to build leadership skills.  The skills gained will benefit in the work environment, in the community, and at home.  They lead the meeting.

TOASTMASTERS: Students learn communication, leadership skills 12, 2019 Click Here
FailSafe-ERA honored six graduates of its Toastmasters Speechcraft Program during ceremonies held at Rappahannock Goodwill Industries.

FailSafe-ERA Biannual Toastmasters “Speechcraft” for Returning Citizens

2016 Toastmasters Graduates

Toastmasters For Returning Citizens Speechcraft Program Graduates

These fine young men are graduates of our Toastmasters For Returning Citizens Speechcraft program. We are thankful to them for their obedience and commitment. We are thankful to Richard Ford for coming along side them, to Bobby Anderson for his guidance and making away for them to continue their training for a full year, and to the members of the FailSafe-ERA team (Karen Harris, Geneva Johnson, and Andrea Durham) for their great leadership and support.

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