Toastmasters for Returning Citizens

Speaking and Leadership Training


Toastmasters for Returning Citizens Speechcraft is a leadership and communications program to provide students the opportunity to learn how to effectively express their thoughts and ideas and work in leadership roles.  They will learn public speaking and leadership skills. 


Through participation, individuals will learn skills to become more confident, a better team player, and how to build leadership skills.  The skills gained will benefit in the work environment, in the community, and at home.  They lead the meeting.

The Process:

  • No more than 10-12 students    

  • Eight 1.5-hour sessions                    

  • FailSafe-ERA oversight

  • Students present and evaluate speeches

  • Students participate in impromptu speaking

  • Students learn to lead a meeting

  • Students receive certificate of completion at graduation

Course Objectives:

  • Overcome nervousness in front of an audience

  • Clearly express thoughts to others confidently

  • Give and receive constructive feedback

  • Commitment to Self-improvement

  • Organize and give speeches

  • Develop leadership skills through role playing

Session One:    Introduction / Participants learn to conduct a meeting / Officers elected. 

Session Two:    Icebreaker Speeches

Session Three: Organization of Speech

Session Four:   Presentations on Gestures

Session Five:    Progress Review / New officers elected / Your body speaks presentations

Session Six:      Vocal Variety Speeches

Session Seven: How to say it speeches

Session Eight:  Celebratory Presentation / Guest Speaker Presentation / Certificates of Completion 

FailSafe-ERA Biannual Toastmasters “Speechcraft” for Returning Citizens

2016 Toastmasters Graduates

Toastmasters For Returning Citizens Speechcraft Program Graduates

These fine young men are graduates of our Toastmasters For Returning Citizens Speechcraft program. We are thankful to them for their obedience and commitment. We are thankful to Richard Ford for coming along side them, to Bobby Anderson for his guidance and making away for them to continue their training for a full year, and to the members of the FailSafe-ERA team (Karen Harris, Geneva Johnson, and Andrea Durham) for their great leadership and support.

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We assist returning citizens and families affected by incarceration, by providing the resources and tools to help these families rebuild, succeed and thrive during their transition back into our communities.

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