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FailSafe-ERA scholarship recipient Isaiah Landry

Every year, at our 2nd Chance gala, we award a scholarship to a returning citizen and a family member impacted by incarceration. At last year’s gala we awarded the family member scholarship to Cheddy Matthews. The returning citizen’s scholarship was delayed until January 16. It gives me great pleasure to announce the award of the FailSafe-ERA scholarship to Isaiah Landry. Isaiah received the Master Barber scholarship, donated by Antoine Carey, Faded and Co. Barber Academy. Isaiah will be formally recognized at this year’s gala on April 14 (SAVE THE DATE).

The expressions on his face were priceless when I shared with him that he was selected and also as he opened his kit in front of his classmates to start his journey of becoming a Master Barber. Juanita Shanks, CEO


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