FailSafe-ERA Caring Connections

Caring connections is our resources and family support outreach program where our goals are to provide support to the family members and ensure the returning citizens have resources.  It is the bridge to prevent generations of incarceration

Caring Connections Support Group


Friends and family members of the incarcerated deal with a myriad of issues; the most common being the shame associated with admitting that incarceration has touched their lives.  The FailSafe-ERA support group is a place where persons affected by incarceration can gather to share their experiences and insights in a safe environment, free from shame to share the myriad of emotions associated with having an incarcerated loved-one.


We offer a facilitated discussion for individuals and families affected by incarceration, to share concerns, develop and/or improve coping skills, and to manage stressors created by incarceration.  The family members are provided opportunities to share insights and challenges associated with having an incarcerated or recently released family member through our family support group.   


The FailSafe-ERA Support Group meets the third Saturday of the month from 10:00am - 11:30am.

Caring Connections Outreach

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