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FailSafe-ERA Right Road Reentry

Studies prove that one in three inmates will return to jail/prison within one year of release.  Inmates who do not have a proper and supportive transition back into the community will face tremendous obstacles to gainful employment, housing, transportation, and other realities of society.  Under these circumstances, returning citizens often relapse into prior behaviors, which is both harmful to the community and expensive for the taxpayers. However, according to ongoing research, these individuals can become healthy, productive citizens when provided with evidence-based support programs.

Transformative Services to Empower and Restore Hope

Aiding Returning Citizens

Goal (s) Setting

Substance misuse and mental health referral

Career Assessment

Housing/Shelter Assistance

Higher Education Opportunities


Amen Clinic Brain Scan

Brain Health Coaching


Evidence-based Courage to Change Interactive Journaling

The  Right Road Resource Fair

The  Right Road Resource Fair, which is being held on Saturday April 13, 2024, from 8 am to 3pm at Germanna Community College-Fredericksburg Campus. If interested in attending, please complete the form attached.

Most individuals who are incarcerated will eventually be released into our communities to embark on their personal journey as returning citizens.  Many justice-involved individuals have experienced some form of trauma before and during incarceration, which creates obstacles for them after incarceration.  They have limited opportunities for positive social connection and support as they have been disconnected from community and family.  Pre-release Services and Continuity of Care (once returned to the community), are part of a proven model that requires the active involvement of a community-based organization (FailSafe-ERA) that not only commands the charge but also provides a level of accountability for all sides, both pre- and post-incarceration

Good Work Pilot Project
FailSafe-ERA and Rappahannock Goodwill piloted the Good Work project with four returning citizens. They participated in two full days of transformed and empowered life skills and employment training and were offered full time employment with Goodwill.


The Right Road Program was developed in partnership with the American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA).  This program is an opportunity for participants to gain knowledge, skills, and abilities to succeed and thrive in the community and workplace. 

Photo right: Juanita Shanks, CEO of Failsafe-Era  and Donna Clack, the Vice President of ATSSA-American Traffic Safety Services Association  launched a partnership to help qualified returning citizens receive the training and job resources they need to put them on a path to success in temporary traffic control.

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