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FailSafe-ERA Right Road Reentry

Right Road Training

Scholarship and Toastmasters

To apply for or learn more about our Right Road Reentry Program,

please contact Jamie Milloy at (540)735-6991.

FailSafe-Era Right Road Reentry

Many justice-involved individuals have experienced some form of trauma before and during incarceration, which creates obstacles for them after incarceration.  In many cases trauma, coupled with substance use, affects how the returning citizen cope with the stressors associated with having been incarcerated.  Many turn to alcohol and drugs to manage their traumatic experience(s) while others may isolate themselves.  Incarceration is an additional layer of trauma as many of them experience witnessing abuse, violence, etc., while incarcerated.  They have limited opportunities for positive social connection and support as they have been disconnected from community and family.  Incarceration is an isolated experience - they were removed from society because they were deemed a threat to public safety.  The distance some families must travel prohibits them from that physical touch, which oftentimes create challenges for the family.  They must learn how to reconnect with their loved ones.


The FailSafe Right Road Reentry program is cognitive-behavioral, skills-building model that challenges inmates and returning citizens to change their beliefs and behaviors. This evidence-based approach addresses criminogenic risks and needs and guides the participants toward positive life changes, focusing on personal goals.  Through structured group discussions, participants are challenged to examine how their behavior and choices have been caused by their emotions, thoughts, and beliefs. They learn the art of overcoming challenges and recovering from life-altering decisions.  This program is accomplished utilizing classroom or virtual training curriculum, followed by specialized employer skills training.  In addition to training, returning citizens will participate in trauma-informed mental health intervention/treatment, have access to employment opportunities, and housing support. 

If you are a returning citizen (formerly incarcerated) living in planning district 16 (Fredericksburg, Stafford, Spotsylvania, Caroline, or King George) and you are ready to transform your life, sign up to attend our 2-day Transformed and Empowered Life Skills Training where we have fun while learning.  Register below.


Case management includes assessing each client for their risk categories and needs, and then creating an individualized service plan to address those factors and teach clients goal-setting habits.

The Right Road Program was developed in partnership with the American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA).  This program is an opportunity for participants to gain knowledge, skills, and abilities to succeed and thrive in the community and workplace. 

Photo Left: Juanita Shanks, CEO of Failsafe-Era  and Donna Clack, the Vice President of ATSSA-American Traffic Safety Services Association  launched a partnership to help qualified returning citizens receive the training and job resources they need to put them on a path to success in temporary traffic control.

Failsafe-ERA graduates

Fredericksburg-area organizations launch pilot program to hire released inmates as traffic flaggers
A 31-year-old father of three sleeps in a car he fears might soon be repossessed.

A 38-year-old mother lives in a home with her two teenagers, but they soon may be forced out.

Both want to work, but it's difficult to find and keep a steady job after spending time in jail for felonies.

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