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“You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is like an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.” – Mahatma Gandhi


Eugene Melchior II
July 21, 1983 - January 21, 2021

Eugene Melvin Melchior, II, "Q/QJ", passed away on Thursday, January 21, 2021, at VCU Hospital in Richmond, VA.  He was 37.


Eugene grew up in Dale City, VA. He was a graduate of Garfield High School and led the team to win the Virginia State Championship (#22). His AAU basketball team won the district championship (#21). Eugene received a basketball scholarship to Cowley College in Kansas and he also attended Morgantown State University. Eugene was the author of two novels and publisher of five novels. He was the owner and operator of IQonquer. 


He loved to travel, He loved a great debate, He loved his family.

 He was proud of his sister’s accomplishment and shared with the world that his sister is a doctor, PhD.  

  He was a Mama’s boy.

He was a father to Enaya and Qahlil and they will carry on his legacy of hope, faith, joy, and love.

Proceeds from the purchase of his books below will go towards his children education:

Seduction by the Streets

Seduction by the Streets
by Eugene Melvin 
An insatiably, erotic street thriller, Seduction by the Streets is graphic and realistically depicts how from the tender age of eight years old Qahlil Jenkins is drawn to street life. On the quest for money in the Commonwealth of Virginia where the laws are stiff he ruthlessly chases the hustler’s dream in reckless fashion. Dripping with swag, charisma, and confidence everything is a learning experience including his involvement with women. Scarred in his teens, he later meets Tonya who captures his heart with her undying loyalty and never-ending love, even while facing the possibility of life in prison. In a game where there are no rules, he fearlessly does anything to get money all over the streets of D.C., Maryland, and Northern Virginia. Is the lure of the lifestyle so provocative that Qahlil ends up spending the rest of his life in prison behind his love for the game? Will he realize he’s being seduced by the streets??? Where disaster is inevitable…

Purchase from Amazon, click here

Prison Letters from the Pen

Prison Letters from the Pen Paperback
by Eugene Melvin
Know someone incarcerated? This amazing booklet gives you insight on how inmates doing real time think and articulate their words in a very malicious environment. Prison Letters from the Pen, has also been used to help troops overseas while away from their loved ones as well. Learn how inmates try to maintain ties to their loved ones and the world outside of the prison walls with Prison Letters from the Pen an idea that was thought of, and penned while in solitary confinement by Eugene Melvin.

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Shop below to Support the Eugene Melvin Melchior II
Scholarship Fund

Eugene designed the iQonquer brand prior to his death, which focuses on building hope, strength, and character. The Funds generated from the sale of items, with his IQonquer brand, will benefit the scholarship fund.

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