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2nd Chance Annual Fundraising Gala and Scholarship Program April 14, 2023

We inducted 17 returning citizens into our "Inaugural" Hall of Change program. They had the courage to change. They are individuals who are now business owners and gainfully employed tax paying citizens who have been transformed. In addition to their award, each received a signed certificate from Senator Tim Kaine's office and the Spotsylvania County NAACP. It was a proud moment for FailSafe-ERA.

I also want to thank the following sponsors and donors for making our 2nd Chance Gala a success:

Mary Washington Hospital Healthcare

Reform Alliance

Christian Brothers and Sisters Transition Program

Germanna Community College

Gospel Worship Experience Scholarship Program

R.W. Hitt Painting

BT Photo Booth Productions

Mia Bella Candles

Discover NextStep

Legacy Coaching

Petite Taway

Mr. Ben Litchfield

Mr. Todd Rump

Ms. Rosa Harris

Ms. Karen Harris

Ms. Sandra Young

Mr. James Bell

It was a wonderful evening! Enjoy the video and the photos.