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April is Second Chance Month: A note from a 2nd Chance Employer

After my husband’s injury, the success of my business seemed to be in turmoil. COVID-19 impacting everyone and everything. You see, we are farmers and Tom represents half of the farm labor on our small farm. As a person of faith, God whispered in my ear to contact FailSafe-ERA. I had just spoken to Juanita so I called her back to see if she could recommend anyone who was looking for a part-time position. And as only He can answer, God sent a wonderful worker with farm experience through Juanita Shanks,

FailSafe-ERA CEO and Jack Richards, Rappahannock Regional Jail Chaplain. You see we must walk in faith.

One of my favorite quotes is: “Don’t downgrade your dream to match your reality, upgrade your faith to match your destiny.” We all need to give others a second chance, our farm definitely received its blessing. We must allow God to be our first resource for solutions.

Again many, many thanks. Anita Roberson


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