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Black Tie Affair Sponsorship

Failsafe-ERA (Failsafe) is a 501C3 non-profit organization with a mission to equip individuals affected by incarceration with the resources and tools they need to recover from their life-altering decision(s) and challenges. Our Vision is to “Change lives, rebuild communities, and help families affected by incarceration”

“We are anchored in the community as their vessel of support to cut down the barriers that prevent them from becoming successful, and our programs will ensure they can operate in a “failsafe” ERA.”

Given the many challenges our communities face with the increase in incarceration, we believe education and community support are key to reduce the rate of recidivism (repeated offenders), and to help returning citizens (formerly incarcerated) return back into the community and become successful productive citizens. FailSafe offers returning citizens referral resources, personal and professional development, and educational enhancement and training opportunities to become better stewards of their resources and more marketable citizens of our community which will lend itself to better employment opportunities.

FailsSafe is committed to partnering with members of the community to ensure returning citizens are rehabilitated and have opportunities to excel and their families are supported.


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