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Caring Connections Support Group Leader Introduction

I want to introduce and welcome Roy & Allison Mayberry to the Failsafe-ERA team. Roy & Allison will be running the Caring Connections Support Group moving forward and leading the monthly support meetings on the 3rd Saturday of each month at our offices at 1972 William Street.

A little bit of background and information on them both:

 They have known one another since elementary school, been married for 13 years and have 4 children. They have experienced the many issues families of incarcerated individuals face and are looking to share those experiences and help others navigate the difficult road faced by so many families today. They both continue to work through the transition of having a spouse as a returning citizen and look to share their triumphs and failures to help those families in need.

 Roy currently works as a Project Manager at a local sign manufacturing company here in Fredericksburg. Roy is a returning citizen after spending just over 4 years incarcerated in the DOC. Roy is looking to use the knowledge and experiences learned during his time to help those families that may have questions about what their loved ones experience each day within the DOC and provide us a male counterpart for those fathers, sons and brothers that may need someone to talk with and understand both his time while incarcerated and his time as a returning citizen.

 Allison currently works as a Marketing Director for a theater in Fredericksburg and has been a part of the Caring Connections Support Group during Roy’s time in DOC. Allison looks to share her experiences raising 4 children while a spouse is incarcerated and to provide a safe and welcoming place for those mothers, daughters and sisters who are looking for an outlet to discuss their daily struggles and share their triumphs.

 Both are working to expand our program and offerings to those families in need and will be at the FailSafe offices every 3rd Saturday of the month from 10-12 to offer an outlet for those looking to share and learn as they navigate what lies ahead for each family. They look to include various events for families and assist in the FailSafe mission to provide transformative services to families and individuals impacted by incarceration through our right road reentry, preventing generations of incarceration, and caring connections programs.

Please welcome them to our team and we look forward to what they can provide us now and in the future.

Juanita Shanks, President and CEO, FailSafe-ERA 


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