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Center of Hope

Are you constantly reminded that your past has cost you a future of regrets? Or, that you are in a hopeless situation? You are not alone. There are many people who, in some cases, because of decisions they’ve made are living a life of regrets. You have an opportunity to choose to live a life on purpose with destiny in mind. Just as organizations build strategic plans, we must do the same with our lives. Organizations are built by determined individuals with a vision that is either written on paper or written on their minds. Your vision begins with a dream. It is your “Hope for”…

Your dream is like a puzzle. You can see the whole picture but you have to put it all together, piece by piece. When I build a puzzle, I start with the border, the outward piece, first because it’s the easiest part. Start with your outward appearance. Start looking like success. Dress the part. It’s easy, Goodwill can help you. Then you start finding the connecting pieces of your puzzle: educational opportunities to increase your employment prospective, a coach and mentor to encourage you along the way, counselor to help guide your thoughts, and health and wellness activities to increase your energy and stamina.

In the year 2020, FAILSAFE-ERA has a vision to build a Center of Hope for individuals and families affected by incarceration to help them begin their journey to reach their “Hope for” – their destiny – their purpose. The FAILSAFE-ERA Center of Hope will remove those barriers that make it harder for individuals with a criminal history, save taxpayer dollars, and provide hope for our future. In the Center individuals will have access to the following programs:

  • Educational enhancement program that will provide participants the opportunity to learn various skills to increase and personal and professional growth to identify career enhancing opportunities.

  • Coaching and Counseling Center to ensure individuals have the resources available to them to help them cope with stressors, identify setbacks, and to position them for success.

  • Health and Wellness center to promote a healthy lifestyle.

  • Transitional Housing program to ensure individuals have a place to live upon their transition back to the community.

  • Transportation program to ensure individuals can meet their obligations with probation, social services, and other individuals or organizations contributing to their success. This program will also be offered to family members visiting loved ones in Virginia facilities.

  • Alternative Sentencing programs that benefits not only the individual, but also the community.

Let us help you with your “Hope for…”


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