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Criminal Justice Reform Forum 2022

April is Second Chance Month: On April 16 our first Criminal Justice Reform Forum at Germanna, Sealy Auditorium from 10:00-3:00. was a success Lunch was provided by Orleans Bistro. Day of Event Schedule:


Ms. Juanita Shanks, FailSafe-ERA President and CEO

Dr. Tiffany Ray, Vice President of Student Services and Equity Advancement

Chief Diversity Officer, Germanna Community College

Opening Remarks

Ms. Libby K. Humphries

Commonwealth’s Attorney, City of Fredericksburg

Restorative Justice Practices

Ms. Deborah Lokrantz, Restorative Practices Coordinator, Stafford County Public Schools

Trauma-Informed Care (Brain Health)

Ms. Barbara Gustavson, Brain Health Licensed Trainer Program Director

Amen Clinic/Amen University

Trauma-Informed Care (Liberation and Somatic Approach)

Dr. Shekila Melchior, LPC-MHSP (TN, NCC)




Ms. Jessica Weber, Virginia Career Works

Sgt Larry DiBella, Spotsylvania Law Enforcement


Mr. Kelvin Lee, Germanna

Know Your Rights Panel

Ms. Ann Kloeckner, Legal Aid Works

Mr. John Mell, Defense Attorney

Ms. Lauren Whitley, Public Defender (Fredericksburg)

To View Presentations, Click Here.


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