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FailSafe-ERA Annual Holiday Shoppe, December 14, 2023

FailSafe-ERA held its annual Holiday Shoppe on December 14. Last year we officially changed the name to “Rissa’s Heart” Holiday Shoppe, birthed by Charissa McCall. Charissa wanted families impacted by incarceration to have a real Christmas shopping experience at no cost to them. This year we provided toys, clothing, and Christmas meals to 35 families. The success of this event, under Charissa’s leadership, was made possible thanks to the following ministries, individuals, and organizations:

Jud Honaker, Silver Companies

David Pierce, Davenport

David and Teresa McCrimmon

Katina Howard

Ethel Hitt

Nefertiti Moore

Nancy Wimmer

Star Archulet

Elliott and Charissa McCall

Thank you all

Juanita Shanks, CEO


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