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FailSafe-ERA Ribbon Cutting Aug 11, 2022

Fredericksburg Regional Chamber of Commerce FailSafe-Era New Location Celebration

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The Fredericksburg Regional Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting ceremony for FailSafe-Era on August 11th to celebrate the expansion of the organization and new location. Janel Donohue, President of Rappahannock United Way and Chamber Board member started the ceremony, “We are here to celebrate the expansion of FailSafe space right here in Spotsylvania. This is a testimony to the work that FailSafe does to be thriving and expanding services.” Toni Lundmark from Spotsylvania County Department of Economic Development said, “The County would like to extend a warm welcome to FailSafe-Era and your new home in Spotsylvania, we applaud your new beginning and celebrate the dedicated staff and volunteers that have made this all possible.”

FailSafe-ERA is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that provides reformative strategies to empower and restore hope to families impacted by incarceration. The core purpose of the organization is to foster positive change in the lives of individuals and families affected by incarceration by providing strategies to improve outcomes. The holistic approach to community reentry is for the whole family to promote family bonding, healing, and independent living.

Juanita Shanks, founder and CEO of FailSafe-Era closed the ceremony, “In 2009 I walked through the process of finding help for my son who was in and out of the criminal justice system and we couldn’t find any help for him. I finally listened to the small still voice in my head telling me to do something to help others and that is how FailSafe-Era started.”

FailSafe-Era is located at 225 Industrial Court, Suite 201, Fredericksburg, VA, 22408


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