Preventing Generations of Incarceration (PGI)

FailSafe-ERA Preventing Generations of Incarceration (PGI) is designed to promote confidence, respect, and positive behavior.  It is the bridge to prevent generations of incarceration. 

2019 PGI Conference featuring Harold Clarke, Virginia Director of Corrections

The overall mission is the social and emotional well-being of children and youth; particularly those who are involved in the criminal justice system themselves or is a child whose parent is currently or formerly incarcerated, through ECHIPS (Equipping Children with Incarcerated Parents)


ECHIPS (Equipping Children with Incarcerated Parents) will reduce the trauma and related challenges that children of incarcerated parents often face. Children with incarcerated parents can suffer from long-term emotional and social consequences that can affect their well-being.  Additionally, they are at risk of juvenile detention.  Our focus is on protective measures resulting from adverse childhood experiences (ACES), self-image discussion, increasing confidence and self-esteem, improving communications with their families, and understanding the importance of managing their emotions.  ECHIPS meets with elementary aged children in the local schools and region’s boys and girls club. 

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