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FailSafe-ERA Young Men Rising (YMR) launch November 11, 2022

Even though we competed with Wakunda, FailSafe-ERA Young Men Rising (YMR) was successfully launched on Friday, November 11. Our leaders, Coach Antwaun Gay and Antoine Carey, Owner of Faded and Co., shared their plight and how they had to overcome some obstacles.

The youth are excited and ready for more. The participants will be notified by email of the meeting schedule. If you have a young man between the ages of 12-18 and interested in participating in YMR where they will receive group and individual mentoring, training in emotional intelligence and resiliency, participate in camp retreat, mock trials, etc., please register here (insert link).

The leaders shared Antoine Carey’s documentary and self-discovery rap. Both captured their attention, as well as the parents.


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