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February 25 Community Day of Service

On February 25, we held our first “quarterly” community service day at the Thurman Brisben shelter where we had the opportunity to serve the residents, provide free haircuts, and offer a mindful meditation workshop.

In addition, one of our returning citizens shared with the residents his plight and some ways he was able to overcome his challenges. We are looking forward to our next quarterly service date on June 9.

Thank you to all who helped and took part in this great Day

Bobby Anderson

Margaret Antosz

Pastor Phyllis Brantley and her granddaughter

Antoine Carey (Barber) and son Faded & Company

Carla Goodman (Barberette)

James Green (Barber) Faded & Company

Lori Gregory and her daughter

Karen Harris

Jay and Melodie Jennings

Joyce Kinnard

Deb Lokrantz (Mindful Meditations)

Deborah Newman (Our Webmaster PetiteTaway)

Tony Roman (Presenter)

Arthur and Trudi Whittaker


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We assist returning citizens and families affected by incarceration, by providing the resources and tools to help these families rebuild, succeed and thrive during their transition back into our communities.

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