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Second Chance Month Interview with Mrs. Kim Meekins & Ms. Marlene Pultz

In honor of Second Chance Month: I had the good fortune early in the ministry to team up with "In His Care" Prison Ministry taking monthly trips to Alderson Federal Prison Camp in West Virginia. During this time I met Mrs. Kim Meekins and Ms. Marlene Pultz.

My worship experience with them and others there forever changed my life. I was able to witness a personal relationship develop and their lives transform because of Jesus Christ. The changes and freedom they experienced actually started while incarcerated. While in Anderson and since their release, Kim and Marlene became leaders in ministry being responsible for the spiritual development of others. Imagine having to be responsible for yourself, your family, and others while dealing with the consequences of past decisions or actions that were unlawful.

I am privileged to witness a very determined and resilient Kim and Marlene destined to WIN despite all the obstacles from having a criminal record. I invite you to listen to the Second Chance restoration interview of two phenomenal Women that are now focused on encouraging and leading other returning citizens to a life of victory. I pray that you are as inspired and filled with hope as I continue to be.

A wonderful life is possible after incarceration. I look forward to working with Kim and Marlene on a few Failsafe Ministry Programs focusing on second chance opportunities. But for now...Enjoy! Remember to hit that share button.


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