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Meet Failsafe-ERA Jail Ministry Team Member, Mrs. Anita Roberson

To know Mrs. Anita Roberson is to love her. This awesome team member serves with me as one of Failsafe-ERA’s bible study instructors and spiritual advisors at the Rappahannock Regional Jail. Within those walls Anita's love and strength shines forth as as a living witness to her identity in Jesus Christ. A passion, yet humble teacher, Anita has committed her hours volunteering as an encourager to others seeking a restored life through biblical guidance. Anita's spiritual knowledge coupled with her living testimony, makes her a true example that the principles taught and applied to their lives will empower them to become citizens with a purpose to live an abundant life within our community.

Soft spoken with a compassionate nature Anita teaches with bold faith, knowledge of the word, and a confident belief that has sustained our sisters throughout their time incarcerated. As a visionary, Anita has motivated many to look beyond their present situation to think on future goals. Some had no plans, other than resuming life as it were before incarceration, however under Anita’s instruction I witnessed the making of goals, a belief that a changed life was possible. It is our prayer to resume jail ministry to continue experiencing the hand of God making positive changes in the lives of the inmates through Anita's leadership.

Resilient, and possessing a generous heart, Anita serves to ensure as many as possible are restored and reconnected to the community with a renewed focus on starting a new chapter in life.

Anita understands one of the greatest challenges for returning citizens is being hired and entrusted to do a job in spite of a criminal background. As a local business owner, Anita put her compassion and faith in action by hiring a young man to work in her family business. Anita focused on his experience for the job and not his background. Thus promoting the importance of businesses supporting Second Chance opportunities for returning citizens.

As Anita recently stated, one of her favorite quotes is: “Don’t downgrade your dream to match your reality, upgrade your faith to match your destiny.” This inspiration is what Anita brings to the inmates as she teaches bible study and encourages them to reach beyond their present circumstances. Anita, along with many others, continue to “upgrade” our faith to believe the doors of the jail will open soon for our brothers and sisters that are in need of spiritual guidance. Our great appreciation to Anita for her ongoing support to our Failsafe-ERA mission. She is ever faithful in her commitment to impact others that desire a second change in life. ~Salute


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