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Meet Failsafe-ERA Ministry partner, Chaplain Jill Henderson, Christian Sister Transition Program

It is my great pleasure to introduce an exceptional leader in the Ministry, Chaplain Jill Henderson. Chaplain Jill is a leader in the Christian Sisters Transition Program (CSTP). CSTP is the female program within the Christian Brothers Transition Program (CB/STP), Failsafe-ERA’s faithful partner since 2009. Chaplain Jill is also Assistant Chaplain at the Rappahannock Regional Jail (RRJ) in Stafford, VA.

Chaplain Jill started her journey at the RRJ in 2008 as a bible study teacher volunteer. She studied under the “Christ For Acton” a non-profit and received her Chaplaincy in 2013. In 2015 she became Assistant Chaplain responsible for the female volunteers who perform Bible studies, Sunday services, and a variety of education/training services and tools necessary for the inmate to grow spiritually. In addition to her spiritual duties, Chaplain Jill is called on to counsel those that have addictions, emotional and mental health issues that often result in referrals to mental health professionals and drug or alcohol treatment

Joining with Failsafe-ERA in 2016, I met with Chaplain Jill to learn more about volunteer opportunities at the RRJ and about the CSTP, a program designed to be a connection and transition point for men and women upon release from incarceration. I was invited to participate in a Saturday morning meeting and instantly felt the abundant love and compassionate caring from Chaplain Jill and the other leaders of the Group. As a believer with a heart for God and God's children, she encouraged the ladies to share their everyday burdens and follow up with scriptures that inspired them to keep going, to stay focused on a changed life. Chaplain Jill’s wisdom and knowledge of the word offers the empowered principles required for lasting healing and comfort in the midst of their traumatic life experiences. I have witnessed Chaplain Jill’s heartfelt prayers, her gentle laying of hands, and her stern but kind counsel that has led to victorious lifestyles for many women returning from incarceration. She is a diligent leader that has been called on in the midnight hour to help those in desperate need.

In addition to the CSTP weekly meetings, Chaplain Jill initiated “It’s All about YOU” in 2017. These monthly meetings are designed for the returning citizen growth in all areas of life. Special guests are invited each month to teach, train or share knowledge and principles that will encourage the attendees to invest in the second chances of life. As a partner Failsafe-ERA Ministry is honored to participate and contribute in these impactful meetings.

Chaplain Jill also collaborated and wrote the “Ready, Set, Release” program, developed to assist RRJ inmates preparing to be reinstated with families, friends and their community. She selected and entrusted Failsafe-RA Ministry team members, and other faithful volunteers, to present the various topics thought to be some of the primary challenges for returning citizens

Because of our shared commitment to serve and support the incarcerated and returning citizens, Failsafe-ERA and CSTP have formed a rich history of collaboration, fellowship and friendship that will continue to empower those returning to our community from incarceration. My great appreciation for Chaplain Jill, fellow laborer in the ministry, she is ever faithful in her commitment to influence others that desire a second change in life. ~Salute

Pastor Phyllis Brantley

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