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Meet FailSafe-ERA Prison Ministry Team Member, Mrs. Lori Gregory

One of my great joys as a volunteer at Failsafe-ERA is serving with people of kindness and compassion. These are just a few of many characteristics that come to mind when Mrs. Lori Gregory is called upon to serve and support our clients and their family members.

As a member of the Failsafe Jail Ministry, Lori is one of the instructors of the "Ready, Set, Release" Program at the Rappahannock Regional Jail assisting with preparing female inmates for release from incarceration. Lori also assists with the spiritual devotions posted to our Failsafe Ministry Prayer Group page.

Most importantly Lori is our shining star instructor for Failsafe-ERA ECHIPS (Equipping Children with Incarcerated Parents), a program designed to reduce the trauma and related challenges that children of incarcerated parents often face. Lori teaches protective measures resulting from adverse childhood experiences (ACES), self-image discussion, increasing confidence and self-esteem, improving communications with their families, and understanding the importance of managing their emotions.

As an ECHIPS instructor, Lori meets with elementary aged children in the local schools and region’s boys and girls club. Our many thanks to Lori for her exemplary support to our mission. She continues to support our team in many as we await the reopening of doors to RRJ and our schools. ~Salute


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