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Mistakes are not on purpose

Mistakes. Me, make a mistake? You must be kidding me because I never make a mistake. I am perfect in every way. I never think of ill thoughts of others. Gossip never slips between my lips and stealing never crosses my mind. I would not slip a pen in my pocket because I left mine at home and I really like how this pen writes and feels between my fingers. It would be out of my character to not tip the server because they didn’t do their job the way I would do it. My words are filled with honey and never have a tinge of vinegar because I would never speak a harsh word to my spouse, my children, my friends or family. My smile is permanently glued to my face because I would not let the world see who is really behind the smile. Simply said, I would not allow myself to let others see me let them down.

Who does this describe? You, me, or someone you want to be. Mistakes are made every second of the day. The thoughts that cross your mind are not always pure or kind. Some people have better control of their tongue, while others have less control of their words and are filled with regrets. Sometimes, that is. Mere satisfaction of speaking your mind may override the regret, yet, we are creatures of using the most dangerous weapon we own. Our tongue.

Our world is full of mistakes, but you are not one of the mistakes of this world. Learning how to own your mistakes is the first baby step to recovery and believe your past certainly does not define your future and your future can be very different from your past. All it takes is one sentence to change what you want to change and what would that sentence be for you?

  • I don’t want to live this way anymore.

  • I want to be a better person.

  • I screwed up, but now I am ready to fix it.

  • I want to change and need help to change.

  • I want to live life with purpose, with zest, with a new attitude.

  • I want to free myself from my past and learn how to do something different.

  • I am going to get help.

  • I am free from the past and ready for my future.

Pick your own sentence and recognize that perfection is nowhere in our world. It will not be found on earth because our world is not meant for perfection. Your mistakes have taught you many things including the mistakes of your younger days. Do you remember touching something hot and it brought you pain? The remembrance of that moment probably stopped you from repeating the same mistake. Hot equals pain. Mistakes can teach you another lesson, but many times we repeat the same mistake over and over again because we have not experienced the pain of the mistake. Before you experience the pain, change the mistake into a learning moment and do your best not to repeat it.

Fail Safe-Era recognizes everyone has made a mistake and no one is perfect. Isn’t it time you stopped beating yourself up for your mistakes and look forward to the future of discovering how to recognize a mistake before it traps you.


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