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PGI (Preventing Generations of Incarceration) Conference: Breaking Chains Through Human Connection.

PGI2023 was a great success thanks to the following:

University of Mary Washington for sponsoring this year’s event.

Mr. Marcus Hodges: Breakfast Keynote presentation on “Breaking Chains Through Human Connections” to change the criminal justice system.

Dr. Tori Stone shared the importance of “responsible” trauma informed care for students, educators, and parents. The teacher and parent are the emotional base for students. VIEW Presentation below.

Culturally Sensitive Trauma Response in Schools - Tori Stone
Download PDF • 1.23MB

Ms. Barbara Gustavson focused on a neuro-based approach to brain health to live a balanced life. You can tell your brain what you want and it will help you match your behavior to get it. Our brain is always listening. VIEW Presentation below.

NeuroBasedApproachW-L-Balance - Barb Gustavson
Download PDF • 3.08MB

Ms. Alyssa Monteleon: Lunch keynote shared her plight as a daughter of a father who spent several years incarcerated. Upon his release, they attended and graduated law school together. They have a firm in New York and Fredericksburg.

Mr. Jarvis Bailey shared tools on creating an environment for success, noting that “ADHD” is not a disability, it’s a gift. Use it wisely. VIEW Presentation below.

Download PDF • 386KB

Ms. Deb Lokrantz talked about restorative practices, ACES (Advanced Childhood Experiences), resilience and creating a trauma-informed community.

VIEW Presentation below.

PGI Presentation - ACEs and RP, 4.18.23
Download PDF • 1.97MB

Ms. Katina Howard summed up the day with the “Power of Today” - the cost of incarceration vs. education.

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