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The Returning Citizen

We all have many titles: mother, father, director, secretary, etc. So do individuals affected by incarceration. I’ve heard people refer to them as ex-inmates, ex-cons, and formerly incarcerated. At FAILSAFE-ERA, when they return to our community, we call them returning citizens. We believe that once they have completed their sentences and return to our communities they deserve a chance to become rehabilitated/reformed citizens of our community.

“Naming is so important in our culture…Naming make us small. It reduces us to the smallest component. Naming ties us to our closest reference point causing us to fail to see ourselves as a part of a bigger universe” says Juanita Smith, Author of More Than a Thimble.

Just like you have the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney, you have the right to be considered a citizen if you are a native or naturalized citizen of the United States. You may lose certain privileges that come along with being a citizen but those rights can be restored. You never lose your citizenship. If you are a returning citizen and would like to have your rights restored, you can either contact our office for assistance or follow the instructions at the link below.


It's a really simple process. I recall the pure excitement from my son when he learned of his rights being restored. It was my birthday gift to him. Knowing that he can vote and even run for President, which is something he said he may consider in the future, opened his eyes to greater responsibilities and possibilities. He has a voice in the "bigger universe".


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