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Trauma-Informed Care: Emotional Safety

Families are greatly impacted by the decision(s) of their loved ones to commit crime(s). They experience a roller coaster of emotions: guilt, shame, anger, etc., and many suffer from depression and anxiety. They experience greater trauma and fear through the eyes of their loved one’s experiences while incarcerated and unfortunately it does not stop when they are released. For this reason, we applied for and received a grant from the Mary Washington Hospital Foundation, Community Health Implementation Plan, to greater focus on trauma-informed care of families impacted by incarceration.

This year we are providing a series of trauma-informed care opportunities for our family support group members. On February 18, Barbara Gustavson, Discover Next Step and Amen clinic mental and brain health trainer, will provide training focusing on overcoming depression and anxiety.

Barbara is also co-facilitating training with Jarvis Bailey, Legacy Coaching LLC, on February 16, for our youth programs (Women Inspiring GirlS (WIGS) and Young Men Rising (YMR)). This training opportunity for youths ages 12-18 will help them channel their thoughts in positive directions and understand the magnitude of how their thoughts and actions control their behavior.

All youth and family opportunities, though limited seating, are open to the community. More information about registration can be found at


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