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Equipping Children with Incarcerated Parents (ECHIPS)  is a program designed for elementary aged children, to reduce the trauma and related challenges that children of incarcerated parents and loved ones often face.  They learn social and emotional strategies where they can better cope with the challenges brought on by the situation that they are experiencing. The specific trauma informed interventions include psychoeducation about trauma, strategies for identifying distressing and irrational thinking and behavior, relaxation techniques, cognitive reframing, and emotion regulation skills.

Meets with elementary aged children in schools in Planning District 16, again the district we serve.


Through a structured curriculum our focus is to share and provide preventative measures to children that have been subjected to adverse childhood experiences (such as a parent being incarcerated)

  • We have self-image discussions,

  • We talk about how to increase confidence and self-esteem

  •  Strategies on how to improve communications with their families

  • And understanding the importance of managing their emotions. 

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