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Meet FailSafe-ERA Prison Ministry Team Member, Ms. Mildred Thomas

Ms. Mildred Thomas came to Failsafe-ERA as a volunteer with a multiple of knowledge and skills. We were eager to place her on various FailSafe-ERA programs with the assurance that she could successfully support our clients whenever called upon. But Mildred was fully aware of her purpose to reach those that were in need of hope and restoration thus her decision to join the ministry team.

Mildred quickly made an impact on our clients in a positive way because of her empathy and excellent communication skills. Having volunteered for a long period of time in the jail ministry, Mildred had a vast understanding of the pain and abuse in which our clients has experienced. She also has the ability to illustrate or convey knowledge in a way that is not only understandable but engaging to bring forth empowering discussions.

She effectively offers a personal and realistic connection in her classes. In addition to being a good communicator, Mildred also happens to be an excellent listener. In ministry, having "listening" skills is a very important asset which helps to provide much needed guidance. As the Turkish proverb says, "If speaking is silver, then listening is gold." "Gold" indeed, I've personally benefited from Mildred's listening skills and I'm truly grateful for her excellent communications skills.

One of the primary services Mildred has been able to provide our clients is the Discipleship Training Program. This program offers tools for accountability, building relationships, spiritual tools such as studying scripture, daily prayer and empowerment for fostering a more healthy lifestyle. Mildred's heart in teaching women about the awakening power of resilience and restoration is evident in the development of this spiritual course for our clients. This course and other programs are useful for classes as we witness our clients breaking free of the bondage from inner pain and past hurts, focusing forward to new opportunities and a changed life.

Our sincere appreciation to Mildred for her commendable support to our mission. She is diligent to support the FailSafe-ERA ministry to help reconcile, restore and sustain returning citizens and their families. ~Salute


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