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Meet Our Courage to Change Training Team, Mrs. Charissa McCall

Each week in July we will feature members of our Courage to Change training team.  These individuals are providing training to the inmates at the Rappahannock Regional Jail (RRJ). 

Thanks to the Community Foundation of the Rappahannock Region and Reform Alliance grants these training opportunities are made possible.

First up is Mrs. Charissa McCall, FailSafe Director of Community Engagement.  


A note from Charissa:

“I feel I have been placed on Earth to serve God's people.

I am extremely excited to be one of the Facilitators teaching the Courage to Change program through FailSafe. You might be wondering, why am I so excited? Well, let me tell you...

As a Mom impacted by incarceration, I understand firsthand the importance of changing your mindset. Our thoughts shape our reality, and if you think positively, your life will reflect that mindset.  

I truly believe in the power of transformation and am passionate about helping others on their journey to a brighter future, hence the Courage to Change.”


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