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Meet Our Courage to Change Training Team, Mr. Rudy Carey

I want to introduce to you another member of the FailSafe Courage to Change training team:  Mr. Rudy Carey.  Rudy gave me permission to share that he’s going back to jail. 

This time for the right reason!  He shares:  "I never want to forget where I came from because I'll be doomed to repeat it."

"To whom much has been given, to whom much has been required."  Rudy was granted a simple pardon by Governor Youngkin. 


Rudy served 3 years and 8 months in the Virginia Department of Corrections. 

He’s now gainfully employed, serves as a minister at New Restoration Outreach Church, and is a FailSafe Agent of Change.

Rudolph Henry Carey GRANT order
Download PDF • 117KB


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