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The Anchor Volume I, Issue 4 – April 2019

CEO's Corner

From FailSafe-ERA's President and CEO Juanita Shanks

A season of change is upon us. Spring is in the air, the birds are chirping, and the children are playing outdoors.

We are also in the season of second chances. April has been designated “Second Chance” month. What does that mean? It means that inmates and returning citizens (formerly incarcerated) should be given another chance to do better, to turn their lives around. Every year approximately 400 inmates are released back into our community.

FailSafe-ERA is dedicated to providing opportunities to give many of these returning citizens a second chance by standing by those who have completed their sentences and will work diligently to repair their lives. By doing so, we will help decrease the number of individuals committing criminal acts and help reunite families torn apart by crime and the incarceration process.

Often viewed as sub-citizens, returning citizens are perpetually punished for their crimes. Because of systemic legal and societal barriers, once they are released, it is more difficult for them compared to the general populace to find gainful employment, secure a consistent source of housing, and generally function in society. We are committed to help those who deserve a second chance.

We continue to establish community partnerships and present our programs before our community leaders. We have three very important opportunities on March 26, April 2, and April 16 to present our programs, at the public budget hearings, to our County Board of Supervisors to request funding to continue our efforts of changing lives, rebuilding our communities, and helping families affected by incarceration.

We are preventing generations of incarceration. When we help the returning citizens, we are also helping the families. The children are greatly impacted by the decisions of their parents. Millions of children are affected in the United States of America.


FailSafe-ERA Highlights and Events

We had a great opportunity to partner with Office on Youth and Germanna Community College on March 28, 2019, to present a seminar on “Preventing Generations of Incarceration”. The focus of the forum was on providing education and resources to area professionals and community members on the effects incarceration has on children and what can be done to help guide them through the process. Our keynote speaker was the Virginia Department of Corrections Director, Mr. Harold Clarke. To view photos and videos of the event, click here.

ATSSA-American Traffic Safety Services Association and Failsafe-Era launched a partnership to help qualified returning citizens receive the training and job resources they need to put them on a path to success in temporary traffic control. Our pilot program begins April 1 through April 5.

Returning Citizen Spotlight

We are so proud of Spencer Antoine Carey. He is one of our model returning citizens who is making such an impact in our community and in the lives of so many others, namely our youth. See his documentary and newspaper article below and share with others. There is hope for our future.

Fredericksburg Article, click here

Equipping Children of Incarcerated Parents (ECHIPS) Workshops – made possible with support from Youth in Philanthropy of the Community Foundation. Parents can sign children up to attend at

Lunch will be provided

FailSafe Ministry offers spiritual guidance and biblical principles to the incarcerated, returning citizens and their families. The Ministry developed a curriculum to help in this endeavor; “Building Your Spiritual House Pathway to the Next Level” is now available for purchased on

The lessons within this curriculum have been a powerful tool that supports the spiritual development for those that have a desire to grow spiritually. Please contact failsafe Ministry at for more information.


10 Year “Center of Hope” Fundraiser Gala and 5th Annual Scholarship Program

Preventing Generations of Incarceration

August 24, 2019

Fredericksburg Expo Center

Social/Vendor Visits/Silent Auction: 6:00 PM

Dinner Program: 7:00 PM


Fredericksburg Mayor Katherine Greenlaw

ATSSA Vice President of Member Services

(Second Chance Employer)

Marcus Hodges

Associate Director of Offender Servcies

Early bird registration: $65

Regular price after June 15: $75


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