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WIGS & FADES at Wilderness Resort

To celebrate the end of the year, WIGS & FADES visited the Wilderness Presidential Resort in Spotsylvania, VA. The highlight of the day was the Adventure Park, where students embarked on an exhilarating obstacle course. This course, designed to challenge both physical and mental limits, included shaky bridges, spider-webbed crossings, tight ropes, zip lining, and Goliath’s ladder. After conquering the Adventure Park obstacle course, the students enjoyed a refreshing and fun-filled time at the beach, participating in a variety of water activities. The beach offered the perfect setting for students to unwind and continue building camaraderie through kayaking, paddle boarding, and aqua-cycling.


The day at the Wilderness Presidential Resort, with its blend of thrilling obstacles and refreshing water activities, was a perfect end to the session for WIGS & FADES students. The combination of physical challenges and team-building exercises provided invaluable life lessons in confidence, cooperation, and resilience. The memories made and skills acquired during this celebration will inspire students to face future challenges with a positive attitude and  strong sense of camaraderie


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