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Giving Tuesday November 30, 2021

NOVEMBER 30, 2021

From the Desk of Juanita Shanks, CEO

When I lost my son in January of this year, I felt like quitting the work of FailSafe-ERA. After all he was the reason FailSafe-ERA was established in 2009, but his last words to me from his jail cell was mom I’m good, look after all the others. After his passing I received many many letters from the inmates at the Rappahannock Regional Jail. One in particular said I am so sorry for the loss of your son but now you have hundreds of sons. I cannot/will not quit! The history of FailSafe:

Since 2009, we have helped several hundred returning citizens (formerly incarcerated) and inmates, numerous family members, and our community with reentry support services and solutions but not without the help of our very generous donors and supporters like you! Thank You!!!

In addition to the hundreds of returning citizens and inmates we are currently supporting as they reenter our community, the Virginia Department of Corrections, through legislation, will be releasing 14,000+ inmates by July 2022. The overwhelming needs of these individuals will greatly multiply the services we provide.

Please consider making us your year-end donation so that we can ensure these men and women reentering our community receive our evidence-based training; individual case management support, trauma-informed mental health and intervention treatment; access to housing, employment, and other much needed resources.

This year we held our first brunch for mothers and sisters with incarcerated loved ones. Many have shared the heartwrenching stories of their sons/daughters with the criminal justice system. Their sentences range from just about ready for release and I am scared; to he will be out in a couple years, what must I do to prepare; to double life sentence, how did this happen…It can happen to anyone: our children and grandchildren make decisions beyond our expectation, after we’ve done our best! We are preventing generations of incarceration through social emotional support to the adult family members and social emotional training for the children.

Caring Connections Profile Charissa McCall - praying for our families that are incarcerated. Charissa McCall’s son is serving a 28 year sentence and another one has a pending court date. Helping others helps her!!!

Caring Connections Profile Geneva Johnson served on FailSafe-ERA’s prison ministry and is now a member of our Caring Connections Support Group. Her son is serving a 70 year sentence.

Caring Connections Profile Colleen Warmack is one of the newest members of our caring connections support group. Her grandson is coming home after serving 5 years!!!


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