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Women's History Month 2022

The 2022 Women’s History month theme is “women providing healing, promoting hope”.

FailSafe-ERA is a grassroots organization founded by Juanita Shanks, whose passion is to empower and restore hope to families and individuals impacted by incarceration.

Unfortunately women are the fastest growing population behind bars. According to the Sentencing Project, “the number of incarcerated women increased by nearly 750%, rising from a total of 26,378 in 1989 to 225,455 in 2019.” Women involved in the system typically struggle from past instances of trauma, drug use and abuse, physical and mental health struggles and lack of education and job skills.

For this reason, we reinstated our WIGS (Women inspiring GirlS) program that was cancelled due to COVID. WIGS promote positive behaviors, confidence, and mindsets that resists criminal activities and thoughts through group coaching. We are promoting healing and restoring hope through educational programs, events and activities.

Our organization’s mission aligns with this year’s women history month theme. We empower and restore hope! We are women leading in a predominately male field, a reentry organization, and we are impactful!!!


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